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Outstanding leather repair service

We will always deliver the best possible skill, whether it is a designer bag, a bag with emotional value attached to it, or an ordinary handbag.
— Denny

Spirit of craftsmanship

Denny’s atelier is tucked away on the 15th floor of a busy Tsim Sha Tsui side street. The small space is jam-packed with straps of leather, buttons, clips and of course Denny’s favourite tools. Denny started working with leather when he was just a boy. Circumstance took him across the China border where he picked up a job in the manufacturing of designer brand bags. Denny made good use of his time. He learned the ropes of leatherwork into finesse, and finally started his own business. In the early 1990’s he returned to Hong Kong to set up shop in his hometown.

Word of mouth

Danny’s atelier has moved around quite a few times. Like musical chairs, he was pushed and pulled by Hong Kong rents and landlord dynamics. Yet, in the end, it doesn’t matter, people know where to find him when they need restoration or repair for a bag.

Hong Kong has many repair businesses. I found Denny’s Shop online. He is the best, you know.
— Mrs Lau, loyal costumer

Leather care

Denny explains how a leather bag can last decades, provided you use the bag, take it out, air and grease the leather every now and then with a good product. The worst you can do to a bag is put it on a shelf in a closet: the leather will mold and decay. This way, any person basically just needs one good leather bag, and of course Denny and his utilities.

Circular future

Hong Kong has a well-established network of repair services dating back to the days when life was harsh for many in the immigrant city. Now, these age-old traditions can give the city a head start in its urban circular future.

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