Community recycling network

A citywide network

With GREEN@COMMUNITY (G@C), the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR offers a recycling network throughout the territory that comprises of:

  • Recycling Stations - district hubs where recyclables are collected, and educational events on green living are organised.
  • Recycling Stores – recycling points close to residents in old districts, public housing estates, and at other strategic locations.
  • Recycling Spots – weekly mobile collection booths.

The network has steadily grown over the past few years to a network with more than 160 public collection points. A store locator can be found here.

A source of information

The Waste Reduction Website is a go-to for information on reduction, recycling, and waste management in Hong Kong. A handy source with clear guidelines on which materials can be recycled and how they should be handed in.

With the GREEN$ Mobile app people can collect rewards on recycling.
G@C accepts 9 types of common recyclables including paper, metals, plastics, glass bottles, rechargeable batteries, small electronic appliances, regulated electrical equipment, fluorescent lamps and tubes as well as beverage cartons.

Zero waste

The Waste Reduction website also offers practical solutions for residents and businesses to minimize waste. The next step towards zero waste will be the charging of Municipal Solid Waste from 2024- making recycling even more alluring.

The series of activities organised under GREEN@COMMUNITY Recycling Month would rally the efforts of the whole city to promote community-wide participation in source separation of waste and clean recycling, as well as to foster a green living culture in the community to pave the way for realising the vision of resources circulation and "Zero Landfill".
— Mr Tse Chin-wan, Secretary of Environment and Ecology

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