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Meets you on your eco-journey

Change doesn't come with one person doing everything perfectly but rather many doing it imperfectly - small steps can make a great impact if we take them together.
— Rebekah Bradley, Slowood’s Business Development Director

Making impact

With stores in Central Market, Shatin and Kennedy Town, Slowood is fast gaining traction in Hong Kong. The in-store experience appeals to a wide range of customers, beyond the eco-warriors. That is exactly what the brand aims for, to meet people wherever they are on their eco-journey: making an impact is about millions doing a little.

The founders of Slowood, Dora Lam and Jeff Chen, started Slowood from a desire to slow down their fast-paced Hong Kong lives and act towards a better world for their children. All their products are natural and organic, without ingredients that are harmful for the planet or your body. And the store offers the option to fill up your stock of soap, detergent, dry foods, and spices completely package-free, or as Slowood puts it: "Making sustainable alternatives to conventional products more affordable and convenient to purchase is at the heart of what we do."

Carbon footprint

Slowood is transparent about their carbon footprint. 97% of Hong Kong products are imported. Most of Slowood's products are currently imported from countries that are front runners in high-quality, transparently produced, organic products, like New Zealand and The Netherlands. With Greenroot Slowood imports in bulk, reducing carbon footprint and packaging, while making organic products available to other local brands as well.

The slowfuture

As a next step, Slowood will offer ‘green’ vending machines in building lobbies and shopping malls, filled with package-free organic products at affordable prices.

I like shopping for unpackaged snacks and candy. I can choose exactly how much I need and avoid wasting food. I'm doing my part to reduce waste and help the planet.
— Stephanie, loyal costumer.

Photo credits: Slowood

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