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Custom-fit jeans for a sustainable fashion future

Future of fashion

The denim industry is notorious for its extremely high water usage, energy consumption, and chemical pollution. It is one of the most environmentally damaging sectors in the fashion industry. unspun provides a more sustainable alternative.

A more sustainable alternative

unspun denim is washed in a closed loop, meaning the water they use is recycled again and again. They only top up with fresh water for the 2% water that evaporates during the process. The much-loved worn jeans look is created using a laser instead of water and chemicals.

Designed to recycle

The jeans are designed to be completely recyclable. unspun predominantly uses organic cotton and for their stretch fabric they use a stretch fiber- Roica- that releases no harmful chemicals in the degradation process. Even the thread that unspun uses can be dissolved in a heat process to allow for all fabric to be re-used.

Custom-fit jeans

With jeans it is hard to get the fit right - which is why so much unsold denim ends up in landfills - but unspun works with a zero-inventory model: each pair of jeans is custom-fit. With a 3D body scan and a made-to-fit pattern the company reaches a fit rate of over 90%.

Local 3D weaving

Taking sustainability in the garment industry to another level, unspun is now building 3D weaving technology to create garments directly from yarns. These 3D weaving machines can be set up in micro-factories around the world and take local made-to-fit orders from brands and customers. For unspun the future is local.

In the future, using our 3D technique, we will be able to weave garments on-demand, on the spot, and with circularity baked into the design of the products.
— Annika Visser

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