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Yard waste recycling and upcycling

Wood works

Hong Kong’s surprisingly large territory of country parks ensures a steady supply of logs and yard waste. When in 2018 super typhoon Mangkut fell many trees, the need for a structural alternative to landfills for wood became clear. Y.PARK was established shortly after. The venue takes in all timber from governmental organizations as well as any third party that needs to unload yard waste. An immediate success, Y.PARK processes 30 tonnes of wood a day, with the ambition to increase to 60 tonnes. The wood waste is turned into a range of products: boards, beams, chips, and sawdust, that are available from Y.PARK free of charge, you just need to arrange the logistics.

Upcycling ambitions

Still, a lot of organic materials (roots, leaves etc.) go to waste, or are simply too difficult to process due to current equipment limitations. In collaboration with various organisations Y.PARK works on innovative ways to turn as much yard waste as possible into useful materials.

Guided Tours

The on-site Resources Centre showcases the characteristics of wood and possible processing methods. The Centre is established and operated by the Environmental Protection Department and Ming Hing-AEL joint venture. Poly U has provided valuable information and data for the exhibitions in the Resource Centre. Visitors can book guided tours through the Y Park website to explore the exhibition of upcycled products, wood art, and the immersive zone for Climate Change awareness.

It’s an intriguing place, Y.PARK, the scale of the venue is so large, the sheer volume of wood is impressive.
— Josh Wolper, photographer and creative director

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