iShop 50 Foot Market

A bustling wet market

50-foot market

This market is commonly known as ‘50-foot’ market. When downtown Rangoon was planned as a grid by the British, they used a set width: 100, 50 or 30 foot. This market was lucky to be on a 50-foot parcel.

The ‘breaking’ of day

Wet markets are open the whole day, but most stalls finish the business as early as 9am, a time known as ‘kware’ which directly translated to ‘breaking’ or ‘shattering’. The later shift usually starts around 3pm and continues until 9pm and as late as 11pm in some neighbourhoods.

Seasonal produce

The fruit here is fresh and seasonal. Some our favourites from the cool season (Nov-Feb) are avocado, pomelo, typical rainy season (May-Oct) fruits are mango, rambutan and jack fruit and in the hot season (Mar-Apr) you come here for bananas and papaya. Want to know how the locals like their avocado? They drink it as a shake with ice, palm sugar and condensed milk, sounds strange but tastes delicious.

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