iDrink Yaung Ni Win Beer Station

A popular neighbourhood street side hangout

  • Kyar Kwat Street X Eiksar Thaya Street, Mahlwagone
  • Open daily 10.30am-11pm

Have a beer

Beer stations are the heart of Myanmar street culture. Order a fresh ice-cold beer and pick from a wide variety of barbequed street foods and salads. Here at the beer station, you get an intimate glimpse into the bustling local nightlife in a typical Yangon street. Great for watching people walking the streets as they head back home, doing their shopping, eating and drinking on the way.

Nice to know

Food prices range from 600-12,000 kyat. Myanmar beer is 750 kyat and Back Shield beer 950 kyat. If there is an important football match coming up, this is the place to watch it!

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