iSee Brayton Memorial Hall

Beautifully renovated 1920 teak building

Home of the Pwo Karen

The newly revamped Brayton Memorial Hall is the spiritual home to the Pwo Karen people. The renovation of the beautiful 1920 teak hall and chapel was done with meticulous precision to honour the original architect, the same man who built the famous Karawaik boat in Kandawgyi Lake. Pastor Mahn Ye' Lwin Htoo happily welcome visitors to have a look inside, a special treat is climbing the stunning wooden staircase leading to the bell tower.

Story of the two brothers

For years the American Baptist missionary Judson tried converting Buddhists to Christianity, with little success. Among the Karen he got a warmer reception, he soon found out why. Among the Karen lived a mythical story of two brothers: a Karen brother and a ‘white’ brother. The Karen brother was supposed to guard the holy book, but did not look after it properly and the white brother took it and left on a journey. The story foretold that one day the white brother would return with the holy book.

Rest in peace

In front of Brayton Hall lay the graves of all the previous reverends who have served here, including the first one Durlin Lee Brayton, ‘a sinner saved by grace’ after whom the church is named.

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