iSurprise Kyi Win Auto Parts

A car repair shop in the church backyard

  • Kayin Chan Street, Shaw Karen Mission Compound, Ahlone
  • Mon-Sun 8am-8pm

Car repairs in a church backyard

In the large open area behind the Vinton Church, there is a thriving car-repair shop community. The businesses started in this area after Cyclone Nargis in 2005, though no one seems to know exactly why here. There are over 33 owner repair shops here, each shop employing around 10 people. Most workers earn about 10,000 kyat a day.

Vintage cars

Amongst all the noise, and grinding, painting and welding garages you might be lucky enough to find some vintage car wrecks, left behind in the post Cyclone Nargis debris. It’s an interesting area to get a feel for the local automobile scene. One old Austin has definitely seen better days!

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