iEat Chinese Dumplings Shop

A Yangon staple for those in the know

Chinese dumplings

This is a long-time favourite of Yangon locals. Everything is great on the menu but the most popular dishes are xiaolongbao (soup dumpling), prawn dumplings, sesame seed bao, pork spring rolls, pork ribs fried rice, and steam chicken soup. Everything here is freshly made each day at the kitchen around the corner.

What to order?

The price range starts from 2,000 kyats to 4,000 kyats per basket. Each basket contains four to eight BIG xiaolongbao.

How to eat?

The soup dumplings are huge and tricky to eat graciously. Check out the poster on the wall just before you go up the stairs that explains the proper etiquette: place the xiaolongbao in the hollow of a spoon, pierce it with a fork, suck out the tasty juices, and only then take a bite.

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