iSurprise Community Library

A quiet local library with original wooden interior

You are cordially invited to borrow and read any books without any charges in our library.
— Daw Win Thidar Moe

Relax and read

The library has a nice wooden interior with those original ceiling fans that add character. Wifi is available for free. It’s a great place to take a quiet cool break and soak up the collegial atmosphere of a Yangon that is fast disappearing.

Township library

Every Yangon township has its own library. This one has been around for 25 years. The librarian Daw Win Thidar Moe, and her assistant Daw Hla Hla Win have been working here since the beginning.

Hidden Treasures

In the old locked bookcases, which Daw Win and her assistants will happily open up for you, are some hidden treasures. Relics of English reading material, long forgotten but extremely entertaining, such as ‘A Place to Sleep’ (1962) by Gorda Rhoads, with the slightly ambiguous blurb, ‘By the time she was fourteen Dianne was managing her mother’s affairs with success’ or ‘The Liberty Man’ (1955) by Gillian Freeman, promoted as ‘A sailor ashore with money in his pocket – and a pretty girl who is lonely’. There is hours of entertainment here!

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