iShop Hledan Market

Popular local market with a longstanding history

Popular socialist ‘department store’

Hledan Market has hundreds of food stalls that are very popular with students from the nearby university. It was one of the largest markets in the socialist time, when people had to use vouchers to buy household products. Hledan had the highest quality stuff in town on offer and very popular among government workers. Although the market now sells pretty much the same products as everywhere else, the high-end reputation remains.

Premium quality longyi

The second floor has a beautiful selection of longyi at very reasonable prices. The best hand-woven longyi can be found at the Yin Me Nu shop (ph: 09253991235). The prices range from 5,000 to 100,000 kyat.

Scales of justice

Behind the market you will find a set of scales these are the ‘scales of justice’ used to resolve disputes of price and weight in the market.

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