iShop Insein Market

Colourful bazaar of spices, longyi and snacks

A colourful bazaar

“Out of all the 13 markets, the Insein Market is the largest” says Insein Market’s officer in charge. This market has been rated ‘Ka Gyi’. This is the first letter of the Burmese alphabet and the highest score out of five grades Ka Gyi, Kha Khway, Ga Nge, Ga Gyi and Nga. Not just one of the best, but it is also the oldest, dating back to 1918.

All you can find

The whole area covers 4.5 acres and has 1697 shops selling spices, gold, shoes, flowers, dry fishes, clothes, medicines, traditional food and snacks, fruits, fabric, buckets, soap, silver, plastic, thanaka, and Burmese medicines. Each shop pays 2,000 – 7,000 kyat monthly rent.

Our favourites

A real find on the ground floor is the very busy faluda stall of Ma Win Mar. This tasty drink costs only 500 kyat, and there is also a great selection of fresh tasty jellies on offer. Just past the faluda stall, on your right, is the ice cream stall of Ma Chit. Together with her sister she makes the most wonderful yay khal mont (ice-cream) in a variety of flavours. Only 600 kyat a bowl.

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