iSee Karma Pagoda

A special pagoda for getting rid of bad karma

  • Wit Kyway Taw Pyay Pagoda, on the other side of Nga-Moe-Yeik Chaung (Pazundaung Creek), Tadagale
  • Sunrise-sunset

A monk’s blessing

Why do so many people make the effort to come to this side of the river? What’s so special here? One of the monks explains: “This is a special pagoda for getting rid of bad karma. It consists of eleven buildings, and each represents the eleven fires (sins) in Buddhism”. People come here for private consultations with monks. For a small fee, they will chant to wash away inner sins and to find inner peace. Why not give it a try?


This monastery is a great place to walk around and see modern Burmese religious architecture. Check out the wall décor with the Buddha image in the Kyan Taing Pyae Wa building. At each décor, you can donate 1,000 kyats, all for good karma.

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