iShop Kyin Su Guitar Shop

60-year-old family business, crafting Burmese guitars by hand

Handcrafted guitars

This guitar shop has been operating since 1953 and is named after the original owner Kyin Su. The old man passed away 16 years ago leaving the business to his family. Daughter Daw San San isn’t sure where Kyin Su learnt how to make the guitars but he taught them all, and the business continues to do well thanks to his stellar reputation.

A unique sound

The guitars are made using three varieties of wood ¬– teak, padauk and pine, all found locally in Myanmar. Because there is limited access to the usual woods used in guitar making, local species are used, giving the guitars a unique sound.

We can do custom designs. These tailor-made guitars are very popular with the young rock and punk set in Yangon who spend their evenings singing in parks and under flyovers, around the city.
— Daw San San

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