iEat Lynn Teashop

A busy teashop with great local dishes

Our shop can fit 60 to 80 people but some days, when there is a football match, there are no seats available.
— U Kyi Lwin, Owner

Noodle salad

Dr Nay Htun Lin and his wife Daw War War Nain have been operating this shop since 1989. Its best-known dish is the nan gyi thote, Myanmar’s favourite cold noodle salad. At Lynn you can customise your thote and pick your own toppings: stewed chicken fish sauce, pan-roasted gram flour, fried garlic, caramelised onions, lemon wedges, cilantro, boiled eggs, red onions and a dash of roasted sesame seeds.

Breakfast place

They also have a great breakfast selection: dim sum for 400 kyats a plate, fried dough stick or par-mont-kyat-au-kyaw (white bread with fried egg and milk).

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