iSurprise Mahlwagone Station

Traditional trishaw station with billiard hall

Old-school trishaw station

During the time of the military regime, trishaw drivers belonged to designated stations. Now that you can pick up a ride at every street corner, these trishaw posts are a rare sight, but Mahlwagone still has one, right here next to the train station with about six drivers registered.

Rent your own trishaw!

Trishaw drivers can either buy or rent their trishaws. There is two ways: from the government or from a private organisation. License plates need to be renewed once every year. Rental fees are about 1,000 kyat each day and it would cost 700,000 kyat to buy your own trishaw (licence included). A driver makes about 10,000 kyat a day, most rides within the neighbourhood are 500 -1500 kyat, but if the road is rough, he may charge extra.

Play ball

The trishaw drivers spend their time between rides playing billiards. This old billiard table is the lively epicentre of the trishaw station.

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