iDrink Shwe Teashop

Favourite local teashop with a story to tell

Political past

This teashop is perhaps best known as the place where in 2008 three prominent members of the 88 Generation Student group - Ko Myat Thu, Ma Yin Waing and Ma Tin Tin Cho - were arrested for their role leading up to the saffron revolution. What started as a protest against rising fuel prices, turned into the largest demonstration in military-ruled Myanmar.

Old school teashop

This is one of the few teashops left in Yangon that still has the original small wooden stools to sit on. So, grab one and eat like the locals do!

How do you drink your tea?

The Burmese have fully embraced the tea culture inherited from the British and teahouses are part and parcel of Yangon’s street life. A quick guide to drinking tea in Yangon: ‘la pae yea’ is basically black tea with condensed milk and sugar, but there are more variations to the theme. If you want to order like a local, here are some words to remember but be careful what you wish for: ‘baw hseent’: medium strong . ‘jah hseent’: strong . ‘pancho’: extra strong . ‘cho she’: extra sweet!

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