iSee University Convocation Hall

Iconic building of knowledge and understanding

Rites of passage

The Convocation Hall is the university’s most iconic building. This is where every student is welcomed as a freshman and also where they are handed their diploma when they graduate. The sign on the heavy art deco brass front door reads: “Create a learning society capable of facing the challenges of the knowledge age”.

Presidential visit

When President Obama came to Yangon in 2012, he freed up time in his busy schedule to meet Yangon’s students here in the convocation hall.

Nice to know

On your way to Convocation Hall, on your right-hand side, you see a large tree that is very special for many Yangon University students. The tree (tetrameles nudiflora) is the subject of a very well-known Burmese song, Thit Pote Pin, which tells the story of students who get separated upon graduation and then many years later meet again to relive the fond memories of their student life.

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