iSurprise University Recreation Centre

Popular campus hang-out place for student community

Heart of the campus

This is the pulsating heart of the student community. Smack-bang in the middle of the campus, this place is where students hang out between classes.

Lover’s lane

The covered walkway behind the Recreation Centre is known as ‘Lover’s lane’. A quiet, shaded passage perfect for a romantic rendez-vous.

About Yangon University

Established as an affiliated college of the University of Calcutta in 1878, Rangoon University was once one of the most prestigious universities in Asia, attracting students from across the region. Throughout history, students and alumni have spearheaded much of Myanmar’s political activism, notably the protests against British colonial rule and the independence movement. After WWII the military authorities ended the University’s autonomy, placing it under central government control and changed the language of education from English to Burmese.

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