iShop Lokanat Gallery

Myanmar’s longest running gallery

Lokanat Gallery

Around the corner from Gekko Bar, but still in the same building you find Lokanat gallery on the first floor. Lokanat was one of the first art galleries in town, a pioneering venue for artists who at the time had few opportunities to display their work. Established over 40 years ago (in 1971) by U Ban Tha, a retired military officer and art lover, the gallery remains a popular art venue. Exhibitions change weekly and Lokanat is a great place for an accessible and affordable introduction to contemporary Burmese art.

What’s in a name?

Lokanat was named after the Myanmar mythical guardian spirit Lokanat, a testimony to the gallery’s motto: truth, beauty and love.

Fabric shop

Don’t forget to visit to the shop on the ground floor, great place to browse for quality fabrics, wood and brass work.

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