iSee Port Authority

Landmark at corner of Strand and Pansodan

A Yangon landmark

With its distinct square tower, the magnificent Myanmar Port Authority building on the corner of Strand Road and Pansodan Street is easily recognisable and a true Yangon landmark.Built in 1910 as a showpiece of the city’s success in maritime trading, the Foster design featuring wave-inspired stuccowork and sculpted reliefs of ships. Now, more than a century later, the building is still occupied by the Myanmar Port Authority.

Pansodan jetty

Come here early morning and watch the hordes of people flocking into town, carrying anything from brooms to chickens to lunchboxes. Much of Yangon’s workforce lives in Dala at the other side of the river and every day double decker ferries and long tail boats do a busy trade ferrying hundreds of people across the river and up the delta.

A landmark built in 1910 as a showpiece of the city’s success in maritime trading.

Irrawaddy experience

Have a drink at the Junior Duck restaurant at the jetty to enjoy the river view, or even better jump on the ferry to Dala and back (4,000 Kyat for a return trip) to experience a whole other and much less cosmopolitan side of Yangon. Take a taxi or trishaws at the other side to explore some of the villages. It’s worth it!

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