iEat Sharky’s

Delightful deli with locally grown artisan food

Gourmand’s one-stop shop

Downstairs from Rangoon Tea House, Sharky’s is the go-to-place for soft mozzarella cheese, fresh yoghurt, dry-aged beef, homemade bread and the best pizzas in town. It may not be traditional Myanmar cuisine, but it’s very good fare and supports the work of local farmers and livestock growers.

Proud local produce

The best bit is, there are no imports here. All is locally grown and sourced by Ye Htut Win, the man credited for ‘bringing slow food to Myanmar’. Living in the Swiss mountains he developed a passion for cheese and when returning to his native Myanmar after 20 years he started a humble cheese shop in his mother’s house which has slowly grown into one of the go-to destinations in Myanmar’s food scene.

Living in the Swiss mountains Ye Htut developed a passion for cheese, when he returned to Yangon, he started a humble cheese shop in his mother’s house.

Our favourites

Sharky’s is all about sharing. So bring lots of friends and indulge in thin crusted anchovies pizza, pumpkin and goat’s cheese salads and the sumptuous dips. And don’t miss the gelato. Sharky's is the only certified gelato maker in Myanmar!

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