iSurprise All Saint's boys

Prestigious boy’s school, one of the oldest in the country

Hi attano natho - One is the master of oneself
— All Saints School Motto

Prestigious school

What started as a project of Methodist missionaries in 1817 is now - almost 200 years later - still one of the most prestigious boy’s schools in this part of the country. First it was Wesleyan school (for both boys and girls) then in 1846 it became a boys’ only college under patronage of the priests of the All Saints Church. They purchased two old buildings at Middle Street to educate the children from Fort’s sizable Burgher community, and things took off from there.

Nice to know

In 1857, the school had 137 students, now there are 1,700, coming from towns and villages all over Southern District.Mohamed Nasree, an All Saints primary school pupil is lucky, he lives in Fort and school is just 10 metres walk from his house. He shares: “After school we play cricket, hide and seek and football in front of our houses. Some friends are Muslim and some are Buddhist.”

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