iSurprise Arabic College

A renowned training institute for Islamic scholars from all over the country

The contribution of the college towards the advancement of Islamic Studies in Sri Lanka is phenomenal and notable for special mention
— FT Lanka

Architectural gem

The Arabic college is a beautiful example of Arabic architecture. From early morning you will hear the refrains of payer from the Koran drifting through the windows. What was a single storey house in the Dutch days, became a two-storey building in the British period and in 1892 a full blown college inspired by Islamic design. It was the late wife of Fort’s well-known Macan Markar family who championed the construction of the college.

Training institute

Al Bahajathul Ibraheemiyyah Arabic College is one of the oldest Islamic training institutes in Sri Lanka, and renowned throughout the country. For over a century BIA College has educated Islamic scholars in the field of Islamic Studies who have gone on to become prominent ‘Ulemas’, ‘Katheebs’ and ‘Khaleefas’.

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