iSurprise Galle Services Club

For a game of pigeon shooting or tennis followed by cucumber sandwiches

Cricket was first played in Galle in 1868. The British navy and army officers carried their gear across the seven seas and helped to propagate the gospel of cricket.

Governor’s residence

In Portuguese period the house of the governor was here, strategically located in front of the main bastions. When the Dutch moved the Fort’s entrance and demolished the structures this became a sort of neglected area. It was only when the British brought back the entrance and extended Light house street, that it came back to life as Fort’s playground.

Gymkana club

In the British days, coffee, tea and rubber planters started to live in Galle Fort and in typical British fashion, clubs sprang up all over the place. The Gymkhana club - established in 1885 - was the most prominent. White clad players enjoying a game of pigeon shooting, golf or tennis followed by cucumber sandwiches at the club. Even today, the tennis courts at the Galle Services Club are still used by children from the nearby schools and the fields at the other side of the street for volleyball, netball, cricket and fitness.

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