iSurprise Old Slave Hospital

Keeping the memory of this black page in history alive

It was the labour of an estimated 15,000 Africans brought from Portuguese and Dutch colonies, that did the back breaking work of actually building the Fort

Hospital for slaves

Thousands of African slaves were brought here by the Portuguese and Dutch. It was largely these men, who did the hard work of constructing the Fort. Their living quarters were near the Star bastion and this was the hospital, strategically located opposite the Triton bastion.

Ghost house

Later, in the British period, it was used as horse stables and then became the Pavilion hotel. Since about 20 years it is the well-known Rampart hotel. But be warned, ghosts may still wander around the premises, lingering from the days of famous Dr. Kularathne, who got involved in a murder case.

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