iPlay Galle Face Green

Popular park and best place for breezy sunset views

Popular park

Galle Face Green is Colombo’s number 01 public space. On most evenings a huge crowd of people arrive at the expansive green lawn in front of the oceanfront. Popular things to do include kite flying, having picnics, jogging and even taking a pony ride or two. You can buy all sorts of toys here from inflatable Spider-man dolls to bubble blowers and beach balls.

The Galle Face Green is my favourite spot. It’s so photogenic, I go there to capture the joyful atmosphere and enjoy the refreshing breeze.
— Lahiru Perera, Photographer

Colombo Club

Galle Face Green was historically the place for quaint colonial activities like horse racing rugby and cricket. Colombo Club (now the Crystal Ballroom of Taj Samudra Hotel) was once an exclusive (only open for men!) club and grandstand for the annual horse races held on the Galle Face Green.

Sunset view

The Green offers one of the best spots to see the sunset in Colombo, because of the wide, uninterrupted view of the sea. That might soon be changing as new elements get added into your line of sight. One thing you can watch from the promenade is the slowly emerging Port City, Colombo’s attempt at reclaiming land from the sea. It is still a long way from being complete, but once done it will dwarf the current Colombo Fort.

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