iSurprise Money Museum

Worth a visit, if only for the five-floor high chandelier, the tallest in Asia

Tallest chandelier in Asia

This is your chance to wander in one of Fort’s most magnificent ancient buildings and you won’t be disappointed. When the city’s more-than-a-century old history began, it was the highest building in Colombo and it features the tallest chandelier in Asia, five floors high. Sadly, after the Central Bank bomb in 1996, the building was damaged and abandoned. Now it has been restored to its original splendour as the tastefully turned out Economic History Museum of Sri Lanka (of the Central Bank).

What’s in a name?

You may wonder why this building right at the edge of Fort is called Central Point. It’s because of the next-door clock tower that is the point zero in measuring all distances in the country from Colombo.

Currency collection

If you’re into coins, this is your place. The collection tells the story of currency in Sri Lanka which dates back to the 3rd Century BC, up to currency notes and coins from today.

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