iEat Pilawoos

Classic street food joint and #1 spot for post-party munchies

Popular Local Street Food

Pilawoos is THE original Sri Lankan fast food restaurant. They are famous for their kottu. When people aren’t having it for dinner, they’re having it after long nights of partying. This is Colombo’s number 1 spot for post-party munchies. The place attracts people from all walks of life and is one of the rare places in Colombo where you’ll see wage labourers rub shoulders with corporate executives and spoiled rich kids with their Ferraris parked outside. Simply sit on a stool, order a tea or one of their signature Iced Milos and watch life pass you by.

‘Pila’ as it’s usually known is also a fantastic place to people watch.
— Lahiru Perera, Photographer

What Locals Like

Some of our favourites from the menu include local short eats such as Chinese (go figure!) rolls, vegetable/meat rottis and of course Kottu; rotti diced together with your choice of cheese, vegetables and/or meat. The roast chicken, chicken and cheese rotti and the parathas are also great options. The Iced Milo is a must try! A Kottu is Rs.450 and an iced milo is Rs. 150

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