iSurprise YMCA

Young man there is no need to feel down

Young Men

The YMCA in Fort is more than a century old. Its gymnasium was the first and best in Ceylon and the country’s best boxers and table tennis players trained here. Even today, youngsters come here from all over the city to play sports and games: snooker, boxing, badminton, judo and much more. The Y also organises an annual Shakespeare drama competition which is very popular and many Sri Lankan politicians learned the art of debating in YMCA’s model parliament.

All are Welcome

What few people know is that know is that 75% of the members are non-Christians. Everyone is welcome here. A membership is just 1,500 rupee per year. The facilities may be bit run-down – a building make-over is planned for next year - but there are some pretty passionate people here catering to a pressing need for more affordable leisure space in the city.

Every day is different. So many different people pass through these doors. I’ve seen kids grow up here. They come back when they’re older, that’s really satisfying
— Mr Bartholomeusz, YMCA General Secretary

Insider Secret

Hidden behind the big hall you can find the oldest library and barbershop in town, each with their loyal customers. This is living heritage at its best! Or join the lunch lobby church service, every Wednesday anyone passing by is welcome.

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