iSurprise Pushpa Waniga Sekara

Owner and manager of Wanigasekara Stores and Communication Centre

We used to play hide and seek and a game called seven stones in the office spaces around the Law Court Square. Boys and girls played together regardless of religion.


My parents came to the Fort in 1948 and I was born here. For a while we lived in what is now the Historical Mansion Museum. Then my parents bought this building and began the shop. It has been going for about 60 years. For most of my career I was a Commerce teacher at Southlands College, but in 2016 I retired and decided to run the store. I like the freedom of having my own business.

A hub in Law Court Square

My busiest time is from 8.30-9.30am and 12-1.30pm before the morning and afternoon court sessions. I type-set and photocopy a lot of confidential legal documents and deeds which are used in the cases. Even though some lawyers are short on office space, the courts are an important part of the Fort’s history.

One love

I love the Fort because it has a friendly atmosphere. During the 1980s when there was political violence in Galle, we felt safe here. No one was harmed inside the Fort. I always tell customers that you should not judge people based on their religion. The Fort community is very united. We share our foods and sweets during all the festivities.

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