iSurprise Chando Street

Named after Indian settlers, Chando Street was the location of choice for Dutch Burghers

5 am

The head monk of the bright white Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple at the end of Chando Street makes his rounds. He starts the day with a quiet morning walk on the ramparts. He relishes the meditative moment of calmness ahead of a busy day.

5 pm

A gentle kiss, a flick of shiny black hair, a shy smile and cameras click… The quaint, perfectly preserved terrace houses in Chando Street with blossoming flowers and leafy trees make the ultimate backdrop for wedding photos.

There is a culture of sharing in the Fort. It has always been a multi-faith community. It’s unique in that way. There is no difference between people – you can feel it.
— Panangala Hema Loka Thero, Head priest at the Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple
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