iSurprise Parawa Street

A small, quiet street named after the Parawa fisherman and traders who came here from South India.

5 am

The Careems, a husband and wife team, begin the day by lighting incense to cleanse their store at the corner of Parawa and Pedlar Street. Soon after, sweet-smelling loaves of bread are delivered. At 6 they roll up the shutters. Just in time for the first regulars who pick up a fresh loaf with their morning newspaper.

5 pm

A joyful, unpretentious vibe roams around where the South Indian Parawa fisherman used to live. Now the narrow street lined with charming small houses are home to cute spas, hostels and cafés and lots of potted plants.

The Fort is a very peaceful place. In the 64 years, we've lived here, there hasn’t been trouble between people; we may believe in different religions, but we are all very close.
— Mr and Mrs Shafeek Careem, Long-time Fort Residents and Keepers of the Corner Store
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