iSurprise Pedlar Street

Named after Ceylon’s Moorish pedlars or ‘Moorse Kramers’ in the Dutch days

1 pm

A bowl of simple rice and curry at Ameen Hotel, string hoppers and short eats from the vendor at the corner with Rampart Street or an artisan pizza with organic salad at the Heritage Café. Locals and visitors mix effortlessly during lunch rush hour. The speciality shops are like trinket treasure troves filled with gold, art, fabrics, books and craft, Fort style.

10 pm

The streets of Fort have gone quiet, but Pedlar Street is still a little pocket of energetic joy. University students eat ice cream at Pedlar’s, a well-travelled couple relaxes in the intimacy of Fort Printer’scourtyard, and a group of backpackers hang out in hammocks near where the old market was, refreshing margaritas in hand.

I love living in the Fort; My brother and I have a lot of friends on Pedlar Street. Some friends are Muslim, and some are Buddhist.
— Mohamed Nasree, Fort Resident and Student at All Saints Primary School
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