iSurprise Queen’s Street

Prime street home to the residence of the Dutch Chief Commander, later renamed Queen’s House

8 am

Fort’s workers - librarians, court typists, museum caretakers, rugby players, policy officers and ice-cream sellers - pass through the narrow the gate in the old spice warehouse on Queen’s Street. They travel by foot, tuk-tuk or motorcycle, usually in pairs. Their colourful dress is a cheerful addition to the backdrop of the saffron-coloured building.

4 pm

Tuk-tuk drivers stop at the small gas station - the only one in Fort - next to the Governor’s Residence, which was built in 1683. They get fuel, have a light snack or a friendly chat in the welcoming shade of the crumbling building that was once the most important one in Fort.

Galle Fort is special because it’s one of the very few living fortresses in the world. It has a history of over 400 years and is the epitome of all communities living in harmony.
— Kamani Abeywickrama Librarian, Radiographer and Fort Resident
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