iSee Mansion of the Canton Customs

Walk Into 1916

Previous Reliance

European classical architecture such as Roman columns and bell towers are always stunning wherever it is. Here is the Guangdong Customs Building. Because there is a 13-meter-high domed bell tower at the top of the building, the old Cantonese used to call it the "Big Bell Tower". It rings the bell twice a day at eight o'clock in the morning and evening. Since the 19th century, in addition to ringing bells and telling the time, it has also played the role of navigation beacons and lighthouses since the Canton Customs is close to the Pearl River.

Don't just take a picture at the door. Remember to go inside and have a look, which shows the excellent history of Guangzhou Customs.


Look closely at the "CVSTOM HOVSE" on the outer wall, you will find it uses V instead of U. Indeed, it follows the Latin tradition, and not many people know about it. Gone through a hundred years of vicissitudes, every component of this building, as large as a big clock, as small as a piece of porcelain and a screw, are still well preserved.

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