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Café Overlooking the Church

café in Seafood shops

There are only 4 Gothic churches built entirely in granite in the world, one of them is in Guangzhou. This coffee shop opens next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral and was converted from an arcade building in old Guangzhou. Maybe due to  the sense of Cantonese, or maybe the sanctity of the church, Mottle quietly stands in Yide Road among the whole street of seafood wholesale shops,and still attracts numerous customers to come. On the second and third floors, you can take photos while drinking coffee. It is a beautiful angle to appreciate the church.

We Recommend

Lychee Red Bean Coffee: Coffee made from a lychee, oat milk smoothie, and red beans. So creative and refreshing. Grapefruit White Peach Tea: The acid of grapefruit synthesizes the bitterness of white peach. After entering the mouth, it is full of fruity aromas.

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