iSurprise New Asia Hotel

One of the earliest hotels in Guangzhou

Three NO's Principle

Built in 1927 by overseas Chinese in the United States, the New Asia Hotel is a two-star hotel with only 9 floors in height. It was originally proposed to be named “the first hotel of South China”, soon  changed to New Asia Hotel. New Asia Hotel has a reputation for advocating the three noes principle (no gambling, no opium, and no prostitution) in management. In 1928 and 1933, it opened branches in Des Voeux Road Middle in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Taking photos in front of The New Asia Hotel on a rainy day, you can get pictures of the European vibe.

Post-war reconstruction

Before the war began, many literati liked to reside in the New Asia Hotel. The New Asia Hotel was occupied as a guest house by the Japanese army during the Japanese rule of Guangzhou, and it was only reopened in 1946. Due to the serious damage, it was renovated in 1983. Although it is a long-established hotel, services are  modern, such as Chinese and Western restaurants, banquet halls, and fitness centers.

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