iEat Oi Kwan Bistro

The First Revolving Restaurant in Guangzhou

River-view Restaurant

Built in 1937, the Oi Kwan Building was the tallest building in Guangzhou for 30 years. The earliest revolving restaurant in China is located on the 17th floor here. At that time, you only need to pay for Dim Sum to see the invincible river view. The renovated restaurant is no longer  traditional, but provides high-end Western cuisine and afternoon tea. Each seat is a VIP river-view to observe Guangzhou in different seasons and different times.

Before your meal, it’s on the east side of the river. After eating, the restaurant rotates to the west side.

We Recommend

Classic fruit wood grilled beef steak: The medium-well steak is tender and juicy, with the aroma of lychee wood. Side dishes include small turnips, small corn, and dutch beans.

Porcini mushrooms with cream spaghetti: Porcini mushrooms and mushrooms are plenty and well grilled. In addition to the original taste of the mushrooms, it is very delicious with cream.

Truffle mushroom soup: The mixture of ground mushroom crumbles, truffles and cream, coupled with a crispy pre-dinner bread. A fantastic appetizer for Western cuisine.

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