iSee Shamian Island

European-style complex

Complex Shamian Park

In Yangcheng (GuangZhou), which is full of Lingnan style and reinforced concrete, there is a special island. Surrounded by European retro style buildings from the previous colonial period, the quiet neighborhood with bluestone slabs may makes you confused as if traveling abroad. After the transformation, Shamian Island restored the historical layout of the original English Garden and French Garden. Central Avenue adopts a symmetrical flower bed layout and transforms into today’s look.

It used to be a rallying point for many consulates.

Blue Starbucks

Shamian’s Starbucks is the most unique Starbucks in the world. It differs from the background color usually used by other branches, but adopts the Morandi color system of Tiffany blue mint green. The design of the European-style manor house and the dark brown main color of the interior reflect a touch of warmth, which is perfect for afternoon cups of coffee on rest days.

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