iSurprise Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong

Library Passed over Four Dynasties

Antique Library

Pedestrians passing by the Wende North Road bus stop will be attracted by the ancient building complex inside. The Chinese-style wall separates the modern and ancient: the traffic outside the wall is busy. The courtyard within the wall exudes a quaint humanistic atmosphere. After entering the door, you will pass through the pond to meet the main body of the museum, which is a two-storey palace-like building. In front of the door stands a bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Hundred Years of History

In 1927, overseas Chinese living in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and other places raised funds to build the Zhongshan Library in Guangzhou to commemorate Sun Yat Sen. The location of the library was originally the Guangfu Xuegong, a historic college over four dynasties: the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. Today, it is in line with modern times and starts the smart library service.

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