iDrink The Owl Theme Cafe

Villa café

Owls Everywhere

This café is located in a cottage in Dongshankou filled with the theme of owls. If you look closely at the signboard, you will be surprised to find that there are owls in every corner. Unlike some of the celebrity shops, there are not many people here, suitable for chit chat and chilling with friends.

Historic doors and windows, stairs, terraces, full of greenery, full of bees and butterflies. Suddenly there’s a sense of the confusion of the times.

We Recommend

Peach soda: This is a cup of cute and twee sparkling water.Gently stir with a straw before drinking, the fresh peach flavor is instantly emitted with the bursting of the bubbles. Norwegian smoked salmon with baguette: Exquisite presentation with fresh salmon and crispy baguettes: a combination of soft and hard texture. Waffles with Ice Cream: Chocolate ice cream has a rich flavor and is drizzled over a soft waffle dipped in blueberry sauce, alternating between sweet and sour and slightly bitter on the tip of the tongue, and accompanied by fresh figs for a special flavor.

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