iEat White Swan Hotel

The first five-star hotel in China

Celebrity Tea House

As a five-star hotel, the White Swan Hotel has a very superior environment. As soon as you enter the door, you can see the huge garden waterfall and the headlights of the tea hall, which is low-key but classy. Although the restaurant does not open until 7:30, as the celebrity tea house for Guangzhou people, a long line has been taken at the entrance of the restaurant at 6:00 since no reservations can be made.

We have tried so many tea houses in GuangZhou, but we still think White Swan Hotel is the best.

We Recommend

Olive almond Sachima: Must order! Soft and crunchy just in place, slightly sweet and not greasy, full of egg aroma, the elderlylikes it very much. Abalone swan puff pastry: Although the price is expensive, there is a small abalone under the shape of the swan, and the pastry is crispy. Nest egg beef porridge: Must order! After the boiling porridge is served, the raw eggs are beaten and stirred, and the beef and porridge are very tender.

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