iSurprise Uduvil Girls' College

The first all-girls boarding school in Asia

Education is taught here in Tamil and English. Even during the war in Sri Lanka, educational activities continued. This school has contributed a lot to the development of Jaffna city. All fields, such as arts, culture, sports, and technology, are distinguished here.
— Ilayarajah Krishanthanee

About the Uduvil Seminary

Half an hour outside the city limits rests a special school for Sri Lanka and South Asia as a whole. In 1820, the Uduvil Seminary was established in an abandoned Franciscan mission built by the Portuguese. In 1824, Harriet Winslow, a missionary, turned it into an all-girls boarding school called Missionary Seminary and Female Central School. It holds the title of Asia's first all-girls boarding school. As of today, Uduvil Girls' College is home to more than 1500 students.

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