iSurprise Bio Fat Cu Kung Temple

Hidden tiny bright blue Confucian temple

Tiny blue temple

In one of the narrow alleys (gang) located off Kemenangan Street, you'll find a bright blue Konghucu (Confucian) temple.

Inside is a mesmerising display of acculturation with many gods and goddesses from different religions all over the Melaka Strait.

Say hi

Don't forget to greet Tjouw Kun Kong, the goddess of the kitchen, located in the very left corner. A little prayer may just improve your culinary skills… She’s also believed to be the one who supervises our good and bad deeds!

Chinatown festival

The temple may be tiny, but it's very important to the local community. When its 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2012, over one hundred Chinese cultural groups from all over Indonesia participated in the festival. They organised one of the grandest displays of barongsai (lion) and liong (dragon) dances ever witnessed in Glodok.

Family affair

In Glodok family houses (klentengs) are oftenshared with the community. This particular klenteng belongs to the Tjiabonn Koat family.

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