iShop Gang Kalimati

Glodok’s best kept culinary secrets

The best food in Indonesia is found hidden in the corners of little alleys, called ‘gang’.

Glodok’s best-kept secret

You can find the best food in the corners of little hidden alleys called gang. Gang Kalimati is one of Glodok’s best-kept culinary secrets.

Traditional sweets and snacks

Various traditional delicacies are on offer along this alley. Many shops sell sweets like dried fruits, pickled fruits, candies, snacks like peanuts, traditional crackers and cakes. These goodies are particularly popular near the Lunar New Year festival, but they're also brought to the table for special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Sweet and sticky food is believed to bring you equally 'sweet and sticky' long-lasting relationships and life.

Everything's a walk away

The alley is heading to Central market. Towards the tail end of it, you can purchase a plethora of everyday items and foods, from colourful pyjamas and traditional bamboo hats to healthy fruits and flavourful soto (soup).

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