iEat Wong Fu Kie

A hidden Hakka culinary gem since 1925

Original flavours

Established in 1925, this restaurant serves authentic Hakka food. Unlike many Chinese restaurants in Indonesia, none of the dishes here have been adapted to the local cuisine.

Hidden gem

Wong Fu Kie is a hidden gem—literally! You'll have to venture out to the alley behind the busy Chinatown market to find it. It was originally located on the main street of Perniagaan. Around the late 60s, when Mrs Wong Tjai Jin, Mr Tjokro's mother, took over, the restaurant moved to its current location. Mr Tjokro, the grandson of the late Mr Wong Fu Kie, manages Wong Fu Kie.

Our favourites

Wong Fu Kie's signature dish is Mun kiaw mien, noodles with shrimp, pork and fried wonton soaked in a tasty thick gravy broth.

Their Hainan chicken is also a must-order dish; locals say it's the best in town. They only use free-range chicken, which is tastier and has a better texture, and prepare it according to a secret family recipe. This dish is served with fried garlic, sesame oil, and coriander garnish to enrich its flavour.

A priceless experience

They don't put prices on the menu here, the staff adjusts the portion depending on the number of people at the table and the number of dishes ordered. Expect to spend approximately IDR 75,000 per person. Be sure to ask Mr Tjokro for suggestions on how to pair the dishes you ordered for maximum enjoyment!

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