iEat Acaraki Jamu

Modern take on a traditional Indonesian herbal drink

The word ‘acaraki’ refers to the professional title of jamu makers during Majapahit Kingdom era back in the 13th century

More than just herbal drink

Owner Jony Yuwono has done four years of research seeking the best ingredients from across Indonesia’s archipelago and mastering ancient techniques of jamu making. For centuries, jamu is believed to have healing and immunity benefits. More than that, jamu bears a deep philosophical meanin: it has 8 main recipes that stand for the 8 cycles of life and 8 points on a compass. This is why a traditional Jamu Gendong (jamu-seller lady) always carries 8 bottles on her back…

Coffee culture

Acaraki experiments with modern brewing pressing and dripping techniques to introduce the jamu legacy to a younger audiences. Our favourite picks are Golden Sparkling; a refreshing cold jamu with soda that the ingredients that boost blood circulation and healthy skin; and Saranti is also on our list. Beras kencur (kaempferia galangal) with creamer will mprove your appetite.

Postcard from Kota Tua

Make your own postcard at Acaraki’s terrace. Choose from various batik patterns, local designs or make your own. They provide designated boxes for each day of the year, so that we can pick the exact dat for your card to be mailed.

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