iSee Bank Indonesia

Colonial gold vault of the Dutch-Indies

Picture perfect

Why go all the way to Greece to take your wedding photos if you can take a picture in front of a historic bank that looks like it was built in Athens? Many local couples use the building’s classic pillars as the backdrop for their ‘romantic European getaway’.

“Did you know that this is the very first local Indonesian bank?”

Eclectic architecture

This massive neoclassical building was built to impress. Boasting classic Greek columns and elaborate Hindu decorations, it’s a great example of the eclectic architectural mix so typical for Bandung back in the day. Bank Indonesia is one of the most famous buildings dreamed up by architecture firm Hulswit, Fermont and Cuypers. Fun fact: the latter is a cousin of Pierre Cuypers, who designed the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s national museum.

Colonial gold vault

Did you know that this is the very first local Indonesian bank? The Javaansche Bank (later renamed Bank Indonesia) was built here because the colonial government considered Bandung the safest city in the country thanks to its strategic location in the hills and strong military presence. In this majestic building, the entire gold reserve of the Dutch Indies was kept safe!

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